SILC Academy leadership experience Switzerland

Leadership Experience

Valuable Skills

Led by SILC trainers this is an enriching and fun opportunity to learn and enhance valuable leadership skills through interactive games and activities, on and off campus, during which students learn a variety of practical skills. All students finish the camp with a personal action plan identifying the skills they would like to improve and describe how to accomplish their goals based on their experiences during the conference. Each student will also receive a certificate of participation.

Goal setting, Time management and Evaluations
Manage time and decisions effectively by setting short and long term goals, learn to make constructive choices on how to spend time and learn daily by effective self-evaluation.
Teamwork and Celebrating differences
Develop personal talents, align specific team roles in a team, motivate team members and create synergy to embrace different strengths and profiles to achieve outstanding results.
Communication, Interviews and Presentations
Enhance communication skills in the areas of presentations, media training, conflict management and university applications and interviews while learning effective tools to connect with individuals and groups.
Media Training, Video Productions and Social Media
Emphasise strengths with effective body language and use of space while improving vocalisation, modulation and pacing. Students learn to define clear key messages and message supports and to deliver in video production, presentations and on stage.
Responsibility and Sustainability
Students understand drivers of personal performance, to be responsible for their actions and to be a global citizen. Using skills and talents as a starting point helps students to apply learning outcomes not only in global citizenship but also at school and in their daily lives.
Effective Learning and Talent Development
Students take ownership and responsibility of their own futures by understanding their strength and personal learning preferences.

Learning outcomes

The SILC Academy collaborates with world-class organisations to teach students relevant 21st Century skills, while participating in exciting games and challenges based on a curricular framework developed with some of the top private schools around the world. Evaluations based on our measurable learning outcomes and performed by SILC and partner schools show that students apply our portfolio of 21st Century skills in their daily lives, at school, sports and when applying to university.

Students take the lead and enjoy interactive and high-energy team challenges that not only develop their leadership ability, but also refine communication, teamwork and planning skills that help them to succeed both in the classroom and their exams. Each participant receives our pedagogically aligned Personal Action Plan at the end of the conference - a tool that has proven to help students with academic performance.

Personal Learning Plan

Each student receives a personal certificate from La Côte and The SILC Academy for participating in this unique event. Students will also get an overview of Personal Achievements including all learned competences and skills which is valuable for future development and is a great way to show mentors at school, friends or anyone else what they have learned.

Using the techniques and tricks they learn at our workshops and conferences, and by using the Personal Learning Plan, students develop the mindset and skills to excel in examination settings. The SILC Academy programme, with its emphasis on time management, goal setting and positive mindsets, encourages students to thrive in challenging environments By applying the competencies we instil even students who are not traditionally academic find that tests and exams are not something to be feared, but simply another challenge to be overcome on the road to achieving their goals.

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