What is unique about this camp?

We help to enhance students' learning and personal development in a fun and inspiring way. We designed a signature programme in which we combine great outdoor activities and excursions with fun team challenges and leadership workshops. Students learn by doing and are accompanied by a unique combination of senior trainers, industry experts, boarding staff and Swiss mountain guides who facilitate a safe and constructive learning environment.

This camp stands out in the level of personal attention, student development and integration of leadership modules into an exciting and active programme based on great outdoor activities suitable for all fitness and experience levels combining the best of the well established La Côte International School and the extensive experience of The Swiss Leadership Academy working with students and schools from all over the world on personal development in an entertaining and inspiring way.

Who is our typical student?

We happily welcome all students between 9-17 years of age who are positively minded, excited to make friends from around the world and who are keen to explore a wide range of activities while learning valuable skills.

Who organises the camp?

The camp is an exclusive partnership between La Côte International School - part of the Nord Anglia Group - and The Swiss Leadership Academy.

The Swiss Leadership Academy is a leadership institute which specialises in organising unique leadership modules and exciting camps to develop students’ professional and personal skills. Trainers include entrepreneurs, actresses, photographers, filmmakers, managers, outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, social media experts and musicians who all have extensive experience working with students. In summer, the team designs and operates the Swiss summer camp exclusively for La Côte International School together with their boarding staff and industry experts.

How do students learn?

Experience shows that students learn best when they are happy, feel safe and can apply the skills in a practical setting. Our programme is designed in such a way that students develop leadership skills through activities like trips, games and various outdoor challenges. Throughout fun-filled workshops students learn several techniques that can be applied during all camp activities. Workshops are highly interactive and are given by industry and educational experts involving dynamic presentations, games, evaluations and personal action plans. Senior trainers work with students to give feedback on the things learned and how to apply the learning outcomes during the camp activities.

What language is spoken at camp?

The main language spoken at camp is English. All senior trainers are fluent in English and the majority of our staff also speaks other languages including French.

How old are the students?

We welcome students between 9-11 and 12-17 years of age.

Can you send us the full programme?

Yes, we are happy to send you the full programme by email. Just reach out by chat in the bottom right corner or fill out the contact form.

How do we stay updated during the camp?

Families who enroll get access to the private section of the app where we publish daily blogs, photos and videos of the camp experience. Families receive live updates from the camp wherever they are in the world!

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